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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX News  February 9, 2013 8:00am-8:30am PST

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♪ fox news alert. the latest look at the massive blizzard that dumped three feet of snow in the northeast. crews are struggling to get airports, trains and hoyce back on line. the storm knocked out power to
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650,000 customers and 10s of millions of waiting indoors as the storm tapers off. we have live coverage. we are covering new development manhunt for the expolice officer accused of murdering three people. >> i am jamie colby. >> police and swat teams combing the terrain for christopher dorner and now they are expanding the search to nevin and arizona and new mexico. the 33 year old killed three people and has a hit list of dozens more and he is a former cop apparently out for revenge after the lapd fired him a couple of years ago. according to investigators, dorner shot monica quan and her fiance. she is the daughter of a former la police captain and
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he shot three police officers and killing one of them. he fired to two cops and grazing an officer's head. they are guarding more than 40 targets that the accused killer mention would in the manifesto. they join us fromfrom big bear, california. >> absolutely. those 40 people will be guarded for the simple fact that the police up here in san bernardino county cannot find him. they have searched for two days and this is day three of the biggest man hunt in the western united states. out today are 24 deputies of the sheriff's department who are not just patrolling but assisting in the swat team as they search the cabins in the eight square mile area where they believe he could be.
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this is how they are explaining why the search needs to continue and what they were saying just yesterday. >> there is it a possibility that he's out here and that's why we are out here searching. >> what about the possibility. >> it is possibly, too. but he could be here in the forest and we'll look as the sheriff said until we determine thrahe is not here. >> okay. >> and these beautiful blue skies that we have over the area today will certainly be helping. if you were watching us yesterday you can see how heavy the snow was and that was hampering efforts. clearing skies will allow the helicopters go back up make ground conditions easier and sight of what they can see on the ground. back to you. >> thank you very much. bee have a fox news alert.
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connecticut governor dan mallorks oy is holding a new's conference on the massive blizzard. we'll go to him live as he discusses what went on and hit connecticut and massachusetts hard. >> a few things i want to touch before i take questions. the state police responded to over 1500 calls for service. we have 270 national guard on duty and few hundred more head negligent armories as i speak. we are assigning them tasks on behalf of the state agencies and working with municipalit ies . additionally back to i should say other executive orders. why signed an executive order allowing nonessential ambulance calls to be handled in the discretion that would be dispatching. if it is not an essential call, and the area can't be reached, they can put that off.
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on the other hand with respect to other calls, they can use 4 by 4 vehicles to respond when they know ambulance will not respond. a few other things. we have 40,000 or 39,000 customers in the primarily southeastern portion of the state without power by cl&p. they are amazing resources in that portion of the state and they'll give you a full report in this evening's briefing and the progress and resource that they have set up. they have two additional staging areas as well and as the winds subside and as roads get cleared restoration work will begin in earnest and two things, citizens, please clear vents, particularly side vents on houses. if they become.
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>> that is governor dan maloy talking about the situation in his state resulting from the blizzard that hit the northeast. hitting his state very hard as well as new york and suffolk county got heard. the governor of new york talk about what they will do to help out not only in the state of new york and connecticut and massachusetts. speaking of connecticut, we'll be joined live from the phone is mapor of hardford. we listened to your governor talking about 39,000 people being without power in the state and the need for 4 by 4 vehicles. what is it like in your city? we just lost him on the phone it is it happening largely because of the weather. we'll make every effort to get
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back to him so we can talk to mayor segara. hartford has been hit by it we've got the mayor back again. are you with us? >> hi, good morning, how are you? >> we lost you a moment and glad to have you back. what is the situation like for nuhartford as it relates to the snow? >> we have a fleet of 40s trucks trying to clear the streasts and principle arteries . we are asking the public to please stay off of the road. they are slowing down our efforts in terms of doing the best we can in plowing and we'll not be able to get the side streets until we clear the major after theries. there is a driving ban in effect and state of emergency in our city. please, please. stay off of the roads. >> mayor, i hope people are
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hearing you loud and clear. what about the temperatures? we understand from our own fox meteorologist, that temperatures in your state and city may dip down to single digits tonight and some people are without power. do you know much shilters set up to help them to find relief from the cold? our shementirs are available for use. we only had 25 power out ages and they're confined to one area which the crews are trying to restore power. we don't anticipate a problem as a result of massive out ages . our challenge is use the wind open of opportunity between now sun down to clear our roads that. is it important with the capitol we are will access to surrounding towns to get to
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the three major hospitals in of the we need the public's cooperation. >> you talk about the three major hospitals. goch gov maloy was on a moment ago and he explained in situations of emergencies. some of the responders cannot knet to the areas that are snowed in and requesting the help much 4-4 vehicles that are used to help in emergency situations. is that what you are looking for in hartford, sir? >> we have court reporterors, the biggest problem and challenge that we are having right now is trying to get the plopes through. we have vehicles that should not be out on the street. why are asking for people to stay off of the roads . we have enough of a challenge to clear out cars that got stuck and were abandoned in the city streets .
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we have a crew clearing them and they will be towed so we can get the best acess. >> what about the police, are they keeping them off of the road so your crews can get to the task of making it safe for all . citizens of hartford. >> absolutely. if there is joy riders and not emergency personnel and not lawful lie able to be in the street per the governor's officer they risked being ticketed or eventual lie arrested. >> have you ever seen it this bad in hartford,? >> this is equivalent of the one in '78. it took days to clear the streasts. we have an opportunity to accelerate the pace of the clean up behaus we have a lot of machinery available to do
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it. we just need the public's cooperation. >> hopefully the public listened and will take heed to what you stated. our team of extra reporters are synding amazing photings. this first photois massachusetts. we talked about how hard they are hit. you can see burr -- cars buried there. and the picture from connecticut that we wanted to show you here. what can you do. park your car and wait it out look at this one also. we'll get new fetose. >> wow. >> same thing. buried, burp ed. new information coming along from this photos. from you . the total storm is not over it is churning for another couple of hours and rick, our chief
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meteorologist who is braving it outside of the studios. there is another storm coming? >> there is it a potential nor'eastern and another one on the map in the central plans. we are in a active weather pattern . talking about historic snows . portland maine . there is the snowiest storm we have had. >> and bost onon at 21.8 inches and i lived there in that storm and it is it a difficult place to have that much snow . problem we are having. the snow is tapering off. we have seen another storm surge coiniciding with high tide and we are getting reports of south of boston, there is it a breach of the sea wall and water is flooding in the stay . snow fell so quickly last night. stix inches an hour and look
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at long island expressway . all of these cars completely got strand we had a picture from the lie and all of these people had to abandon their cars. we have other things going on. a cold day today and not going to get above freezing. temperatures will remain above freezing and tonight bottoming out in the temperatures. everyone in the single digits . teanings for everybody tonight . alm of those 650,000 without people. this is the picture we are talking about. this is it the longhorns expressway. people were on the road and snow falling so quickly they got strand and had to abandon those cars it is it a central part of the lie getting pummel would there. sometimes do warm up by monday.
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we'll be back in the 40s for a couple of days and that will be a nice relief. unfortunate lie that will have rain but it will be missy and the temperatures will be up for a couple of days and there is it a tornado -- excuse me a blizzard warning in effect in the northern plains for tomorrow, another storm moving in a tornado threat today and tomorrow in the southern plains is it an active weather pattern we are in and we'll see this for another rick. ndon't think about taking a day off. we need you around. >> i will. >> there is it eye lot of the weather. an important programming note. you can watch cost of the freedom shows at a? time. they are usually on at this hour. we are bringing you our hour. they will be at two-four . don't miss it. >> and days before he is expected to address the nation, the president of the
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united states, we'll actul why president obama may deliver his most important state of the union dress yet. >> u.s. military is in jeopardy. new details on the ongoing battle to avoid the series was dipe military spending cuts that are coming. experts stay tell threaten american power and strength around world. >> i have never in my career seen anything as dangerous as this siquesteration process. nno] it's a rule of nature. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pk vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant
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>> it time now for a check of the headlines. new doubts on whether a multibillion missile defense system in europe will serve its purpose. and they are highlighting. the chicago community . hadia pentleton performed in the inauguration event and kill would by a stray bullet in a suspected gang dispute. >> the u.s. postal service feeling the affects of the wint or all post offices in new england is closed and mail delivery is suspended as many
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roads are closed or impassable. >> staggering national debt and unstable economy and two of the issues that are brewing pessimism and uncertainty . president obama will provide clarity and hope on tuesday in what some are saying his important state of the union address . joining me john, co-or of who's counting. hey, john. let me ask you what is at stake here? >> the president is starting a term and this is the time when a second term president has the most political capitol. he doesn't have much time to pass it before grid lock and perhaps a looming reception slow him down. >> what is the order of proprietary - priority in the issues and which will not be part of the state of the union. >> the simplest issues and
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clearly explained is gun control. you are either for or, against it in large part. the president will try for a quick vict rye and immigration reform. he doesn't show much interest in tax reform except corp corporate tax reform. those are the three top priorities. >> down the road two years from now in the midterm elections, that is a time that might not accomplish as much as the president can accomplish now . what is realistic for him in addressing congress and getting legislation passed? >> i think the president is taking a lot of moves to see if he can take back the house of representatives in 2014. that was never done by an incumbent president. in the meantime he will push to protect the entitlement programs he defended in his
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naul -- innothingeral address . raise taxes in exchange for spending restraint. but the most important issue and the one that will define the president's political capitol will be gun control. after the new town shooting he had concern. if he can't pass the gun control he will enter the other battles weakened. >> let's talk about sequestitration the automatic defense cuts in particular. do you think that the president will address that, because he did mention when he spoke on friday that leon paneta was against the cuts and weaken strength around the world. how can he put that in the state of the union. >> he will say to the republicans sitting in front of him it is it up to you as to whether or not you want to
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defend the country. he willhat gauntlet down. we have rearrange the cuts later if they come to a deal in which the president surrendered domestic spending cuts. they can adjust the man power programs. the president will try to make the republicans look like the bad guys . the question is whether the public buys that or wants a nuanced approach. >> including immigration and the issues you raised as likely to be part of the state of the union on tuesday. what about the economy in general? what do you expect the president to report? there seems to be some growth, we have so many millions of people out of work? >> the central premise of the inaugural address was to grow
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a responsible middle class. the average median income went down 10 percent in real terms since 2009. looking at economic growth it is 2 percent or less. that is less than half we saw in the 1980s 1990s . so i thinks president's big challenge will be that we want to be a vibrant middle class. the problem is, i don't think that anything that the president is proposing is changing much from the policiless we tried in the last four years and the middle class is struggling more than it has been. >> john, i appreciate you coming in. thank you soy much. -- so much. >> kelly. >> and jamie, the snow is coming and haint stopped yet. we'll tell you about the details in the northeast . a look at conditions right now and what we can expect when it
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is all said and done. also the massive manhunt underway for a man cop turned killer. i will talk to a criminal psychologiist experts and advice to find this guy and negotiate. >> and plus, the u.s. military is caught in the cross hairs of the ongoing budget battle. we'll look at what proposed cuts could mean for the strength of the military if congress doesn't act soon. and basic email just $49.99! that's up to 76 percent below online providers and only at officemax stores!
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